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Here is all you need for your next cria, lamb or kid birth in one place. This is a complete kit, including a flashlight and stethoscope! Is your birthing kit up to date? Is everything you need at your fingertips? Renew all your essential supplies or prepare yourself for your first birth with just one purchase. This is such a fantastic gift for that new breeder client! Each kit contains:

16" case
Pair sterile gloves
Pair exam gloves
Drape sheet
Umbilical clamps
OB towelettes
Alcohol prep pads
Plastic placenta bag
Gauze sponges
Sterile bulb syringe
Disposable towels
Terry Towels
Disposable OB blanket
Flashlight w/batteries
OB Sleeves
Jelly lubricant
Digital Thermometer
Roll Vet Wrap
8 oz bottle Bentadine
8 oz bottle Alcohol
Baby Enema
Wound Spray
Feeding Tube
Tubing Container
Nursing Bottle
Flutter Valve Nipple
Tube of Nursemate
Umbilical dip container
Hand Wipes

Alpaca Cria Kit, Lambing Kit, Kidding Kit

SKU: 0005
  • $27.50 via UPS Ground

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